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Art | Yuppies

Art | Yuppies is an art firm that highlights artists and art connoisseurs. This brand focuses on enriching the art world through art direction, curation, and placement.


Art Direction


Art | Yuppies



Art | Yuppies "Inside the Art" video series is a compilation of  visuals used to connect art galleries, artists, and art connoisseurs. 

Art | Yuppies Connoisseurs are art lovers from all walks of life who feel art is a part of their DNA. They share their vision of each art piece in a different light.


Art Direction

We provide art direction to take your creative projects to the next level. Allow our team to direct a project that will be memorable to your audience.

Art Gallery


Our team will curate your next exhibition or gallery opening. We specialize in collaborative art shows that highlight artists globally. 

Image by Praewthida K

Art Placement

We provide art placement services to get artists artwork onto different platforms. Our clients have had their art work placed in large art shows, exhibitions, and commercial & retail properties. 

Art Firm

Working with our knowledgeable team will help you to acquire or place the art piece that you resonate with. 

We provide consultations by appointment.

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